Introducing the Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager


Cross-platform developed and

Available for the Intel Mac OS X and Windows PC 64 & 32 bit Platforms.

A contemporary approach to DAW plugin management.

The Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager (UDPM) brings relational database management to the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) environment. Plugins run within DAW software, providing additional functionality. Plugins replicate hardware versions of channel strips, effects, instruments, vu meters, signal processors, and spectrum analyzers.

This additional functionality comes at a cost, increased load times, slowed performance and in some instances, memory leaks. Truth is, virtually all Digital Audio Workstation software contain what can loosely be called a plugin manager but, they offer limited functionality and do not prevent plugins from loading as the Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager does.

There are also literally thousands of plugins and as Artist, Musicians, Producers, Audio Engineers, or whatever you identify as, we want to use or try all of them, and as you should know this is not possible without a severe impact to the performance of your DAW. Well.. not until now!


The Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager (UDPM) simply allows you to control what Plugins are loaded when your DAW software starts.

Easily disable or remove incompatible, or malfunctioning 3rd party plugins.

Configure sets of Plugins as presets and only load the plugins you plan to use for task at hand. The Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager can be used as a Avid Audio extension Manager aka AAX Plugin Manager, Audio Unit Plugin Manager aka AU Plugin Manager, MOTU Audio System Plugin Manager aka MAS Plugin Manager, Real-Time Audio Suite Plugin Manager aka RTAS Plugin Manager, Virtual Studio Technology Plugin Manager aka VST Plugin Manager, Virtual Studio Technology version 3 Plugin Manager aka VST3 Plugin Manager,  Waves Audio Plugin Manager aka Waves Plugin Manager, and if you're familiar with file extensions, UDPM can act as any OS X Plugin Manager or PC Plugin Manager you require. 

Some 3rd party Plugin manufactures don't include uninstallers, with the Ultimate DAW Plugin manger you can easily "delete", "rename", or "explore" plugin locations "windows explorer" on the Windows platform, or "delete", "rename", or "show" plugin locations in "finder" on the OS X platform.

The Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager does not attempt to change or modify how plugins are listed within the Digital Audio Workstation software. The Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager works by changing what is listed by your Digital Audio Workstation software!

Stop wasting time trying to rearrange how plugins are listed within the DAW that won't make your project more efficient; that just takes away from the true objective.

Making Music!


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