UDPM for windows (Trial)
Version: v2.2.2.0 Release Date: 22 March 2020

The UDPM Windows demo zip file contains the Installer / remover for the Ultimate AAX, MAS, RTAS, VST, VST3, and Waves Plugin Managers for the Windows platform, all in one tabbed interface.

32bit, and 64bit compatible.


The UDPM Windows demo application must be installed, and ran before purchasing and unlocking the Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager.

Installing and Running the UDPM demo application allows you to try the software (main features are locked)

Running the software also generates critical UDPM support files and your systems Unique ID which is required

at Check-OUT and needed to authorize the registered version of the Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager.

UDPMwin uniqueID






The UDPM demo installer also includes a UDPM remover, and a full UDPM un-install application.

Introducing the Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager

The Ultimate in DAW Plug-in Managers. UDPM brings relational database management to the DAW environment.

Tested and working on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems.


Now Available to general public and inviting user feedback!

The Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager (UDPM) simply allows you to control what Plugins are loaded when your DAW software starts. Easily disable or remove incompatible, or malfunctioning 3rd party plugins. Configure sets of Plugins as presets and only load the plugins you plan to use for task at hand. The Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager can be used as a AAX Plugin Manager, MAS Plugin Manager, RTAS Plugin Manager, VST Plugin Manager, VST3 Plugin Manager,  Waves Plugin Manager, and if your familiar with file extension UDPM can act as any Windows PC Plugin Manager you require. 

The Ultimate DAW Plugin Manager works like a plugin switcher, UDPM switches plugin(s) "On" or "Off" before you launch your DAW, or NLE software.

 2020 - March - 22 update v1.6.0

  1. Fixed programming error that caused renaming of Plugin(s) found in different directories.
  2. Added Print option for all Plugin types.
  3. Corrected mouse-over events in the UDPM main panel.
  4. Plugin and Preset images images can now be loaded (Windows 10) as well as dragged and dropped (Windows 7).
  5. Replaced the symbol for the actual enabled plugin status.
  6. Honored feature request to have updates to Plugin image, specification and manufacturer work across all Plugin Manager listings, set by default but can be disabled in the UDPM preferences panel.
  7. Improved detection and management of added and removed plugin(s).
  8. Initial Plugin(s) are now sorted by Plugin Name, Folder Tress listing can still be selected from pull-down.
  9. Minor modifications to all UDPM panels.
  10. Extensive testing completed on all supported Windows Platforms platforms.

2019 - February - 23 update v2.2.1

  1. Resolved OutOfBoundsException error which occurs when no Preset or Plugin is selected and toolbar buttons are pressed.

2019 - January - 14 update v2.2.0

  1. Added code to greatly reduced content flicker when changing main panel plugin manager tabs.
  2. Numerous mods to sub-routines related to UDPM preferences panel, and the UDPM main panel.
  3. Addressed Windows 10 revocation of drag and drop for image function for apps running with elevated privileges by adding a "Load" image button.
  4. minimum screen size changed to 1366x768.
  5. Performed extensive testing and code modifications to all UDPM panels.



2017 - December - 14 update v2.1.9

  1. Added code to greatly reduced content flicker when changing main panel plugin manager tabs.
  2. Re-Write of sub-routines, tool tips, and tab key functions for the UDPM launch panel.
  3. Re-Addressed the intermittent Nil Object errors triggered by selecting a Work Station with less plugin managers assigned than the previous selection.
  4. Performed extensive testing and code modifications to all UDPM panels.

2017 - April - 28 update v2.1.8

  1. Due to issue identified by David Chandran, recompiled the UDPM demo and UDPM registered versions (not the build number)


2017 - April - 04 update v2.1.8

  1. Fixed intermittent Nil Object errors triggered by selecting a Work Station with less plugin managers assigned than the previous selection.
  2. Re-Write of sub-routines for the Update Set, and Preset selection modules.
  3. Added mouse-over tool tips to the UDPM preferences panel
  4. extensive testing and modification to all UDPM panels.

2016 - August - 04 update v2.1.5

  1. Fixed Nil Object error triggered when instructed to reset UDPM preferences and database support files.
  2. Special thanks to J. Joao M for noting the Nil object.
  3. Fixed coding error when changing or updating the UDPM plugin manufacturer.

2016 - August - 04 update V2.1.4

  1. Recode of UDPM startup functions to resolve delayed UDPM main panel display on the windows 10 platform observed by Dave Chandran (affects all other Windows operating systems)

2016 - August - 04 update v2.1.2

  1. Fix for delayed windows 10 startup observed by Dave Chandran ( also affects other windows operating systems )


2016 - August - 02 major update v2.1.1

  1. fixed misidentification of Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 build number.
  2. added additional mouse over tool tips explaining all controls and functions of the UDPM launch panel displayed to the information window.
  3. added Tab Indexing and UP Down and Enter controls to the UDPM launch panel
  4. Fixed premature EXIT of UDPM when pressing Enter key to toggle check boxes.
  5. New Feature added to the UDPM launch panel called Auto Preset Activation (Locked in DEMO version)
  6. The Auto Activation launch panel check box was added as a feature request from MC Michelle. This option is useful for those of you who just want to define a Work Station select its Plugin Managers, setup a preset, and have the UDPM auto-activate that preset and launch your DAW host application without entering the UDPM main panel. To set this up you do need to enter the UDPM main panel at least once. 

a. Insure WorkStation assignment preset checkbox is enabled (main panel lower left checkbox).

b. select the preset you want to auto-activate.

c. Click the "Update Set" button.

d. Exit UDPM.

e. Launch UDPM, select that workstation, click the Auto-Activation checkbox, and Then click the start button.

UDPM will then activate your selected preset for each Plugin Manager assigned to the workstation, skip the UDPM main panel, Exit and start your DAW host application.

As with all UDPM launch panel settings, Click the Update button and UDPM will remember your auto-activation states for each workstation.


2016 - June - 22 major update

  1. fixed Out OF Bounds exception error when tab panel index exceeds previous tab session count in the main UDPM panel.
  2. added mouse over tool tips explaining all controls and functions of the UDPM launch panel displayed to the information window.
  3. increased UDPM launch panel from 6 to support 8 workstations.
  4. UDPM automatically re-catalogs and re-indexes when changing workstations if different Plugin Managers are assigned. added new control to disable or enable cataloging and indexing of plugin managers assigned to user selected workstations on demand.
  5. Improved the overall look of the UDPM main panel to reduce eye strain by adding a dark theme to each Plugin manager, a light theme if you prefer the previous color schemes, and a user defined custom color changer to the UDPM preferences panel (Basic functions area).

2016/May/24 Major update uninstall previous version

  1. Fixed crash from main panel to preferences panel
  2. other minor fixes

2016/May/05 Fix for nil object error

2016/Feb/14 Improved Indexing, & the Preferences panel

2016/Feb/08 Required install before purchase

2016/Jan/27 minor fixes

2016/Jan/24 add button to hide / reveal UUID to main panel

2016/Jan/23 Improved startup by indexing only newly installed or removed plugins after initial catalog & indexing

2016/JAN/15 prepping demo for registered transition

2016/JAN/04 Fixed defective application build

2016/JAN/03 Fixed Nil Object Exception Error in Launcher when blank or space is entered for workstation name

                    added Enable/Disable Launch panel option.

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